About Zoein Jewels

Ruby Serpent Ring of Power Theme Art Jewelry

ZZoein Jewels came from the humblest of origins. It was founded to carry on the legacy of Us Creations which I established in 1989 with my then apprentice, Uma.

The success of Zoein Jewels was astounding. By the mid-1990’s it had become widely recognized for offering an entirely new concept in jewelry: a spiritual blend of symbolic fine art jewelry.

A Media Menagerie of Zoein Fine Art Jewelry

Collectors of Zoein Jewels weren’t just the super-rich, movie stars and royals; they came from all walks of life. One character, a western yogi living in India, flew to Bali just for the day to choose his power piece. It wasn’t enough to just see the jewelry; he wanted to feel its energy.

The Aesthetics of Symbolic Fine Art Jewelry

The Quest

I couldn't justify dedicating my time and talent to add to the ever-expanding cesspit of banal bling. There is so much more to life than merely making money selling expensive trinkets. You see, I’m dead set against mindless consumption. You know, consumption for consumption's sake.

My jewelry has to matter and hold a meaningful place in your life. It not only has to make someone look good but also to feel good. For me, jewelry is a vehicle to spread greater awareness, vitality, and to inspire the celebration life.

So, perhaps you can see how creating jewelry turned into a personal quest that went far beyond commerciality. I’ve given my best to resurrect the psycho-spiritual heritage of fine art jewelry, and to educate people about the far-reaching significants which it was originally endowed.

The Aesthetics

For jewelry to be called fine art, it must be beautiful, artistic, and aesthetically sound. Did you know that aesthetics is a branch of philosophy dedicated to the study of good taste? It refers to the way we perceive, define and appreciate beauty.

Aesthetic fine art of any genre is not merely about looks or appearance. Fine art is a full-bodied sensual experience. An experience that touches your heart and mind, just as much as it pleases your eye. It's this deeper level of meaning, fullness, and beauty that you'll find in Zoein Jewels.

The Approach — Sacred Geometry & The Great Design

Perhaps it’s a bit late, but now that you’ve made it this far down the page, it’s about time for a proper introduction. I’m Shunyata, the founding designer of Zoein Jewels.

I’m a practical-minded idealistic and a perfectionist to a fault. I’m also crazy about probing the mysteries— the subtle, psycho-physiological influences and the cosmological dimensions of symbology, of symbolic design.

Do you realize that we live in the domain of design? Take a moment to look around. Do you see what I mean? Isn't everything a design of one sort or another?

We’re wrapt up in designs; from jewelry to haute couture, from furniture to architecture, ad infinitum. Isn’t it true that an endless variety of designs touch each moment of our lives?

Realizing this, Sir Isaac Newton, called nature itself, “the great design.” But Newton wasn’t only referring to what’s apparent and obvious.

You see, underneath the phenomena that we experience as life and evoke through the arts are invisible patterns. These are the patterns of ‘the great design’ that give shape to the world through their inherent forms and interactions.

Doesn't that bring to mind the ultra-tiny, quantum field of molecules and atoms? Well, it also applies to the symbolic resonance of things. From lines, arcs, and shapes to proportions and color and beyond, each characteristic that defines something takes part in what I’ve come to call the symphony of form.

Inspired Symbol Jewelry featuring a fine art jewelry bird brooch. Photo by Zoein Jewels designer ShunyataInspired Symbol Jewelry featuring a fine art jewelry bird brooch. Photo by Zoein Jewels designer Shunyata

The symphony of form resounds across the created universe. Did you know that the proportions of your body are embedded in the dimensions of temples, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, and in countless ancient edifices?

The same relationship of measures, ratios, and proportions, appear throughout the natural world; in seashells, flower blossoms, and in the ripening stalks of rice. It is these subtle elements of design are also present in the symbolic jewelry that you’ll find in our Fine Art Jewelry Gallery.

Granted, these are some heavy concepts. Even if you don’t fully understand them, you can feel them. We tap into the subtle harmonics of design without even realizing it. Like when you visit a place that seems to fill you with peace and harmony. Or, when you put on a piece of jewelry that just feels right.