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oein Jewels was first established as Us Creations in 1989. It was re-branded in the mid 1990’s as Zoein Jewels, and went on to become widely recognized  for exclusive — Symbolic fine art jewelry.

Zoein Fine Art Jewelry Media Presentation

Collectors of Zoein Jewels have come from all walks of life, including Asian and European royalty, Hollywood movie stars, scholars, priests, teachers and executives, as well as the unemployed and the eccentric.

People who are stimulated by a treasure hunt, who actually find the gold at the end of the rainbow, these are the kind of people that collect Zoein Jewels.

One guy in particular, a western yogi living in India, flew to Bali just for the day to pick out a special piece for himself. He wanted to feel its energy.

Symbolic Fine Art Jewelry and Sacred Geometry

Zoein fine art jewelry is some of the most significantly documented jewelry in the world. To really be Fine Art Jewelry, it must be both beautiful and aesthetically appealing.

Did you know that aesthetics is the philosophy, the study of good taste? Aesthetics refers to the way we perceive and appreciate beauty. In fact, it is how we each define beauty.

There’s a thin line between what is innately beautiful and what simply appears beautiful. Our taste have a tendency to be  conditioned and manipulated.

However, aesthetic fine art goes beyond appearance to inspire your mind as much as your eye. It’s this deeper level of meaningfulness and beauty that you’ll find in  Zoein Jewels.

The founding designer of Zoein Jewels, Sri Shunyata, developed an approach to fine art jewelry design that he calls “symbolic integrity” — the language of form, the innate Alphabet of Design.

Symbolic Jewelry touches on a universal form of symbolism which underlies our every day experience of life.

The sacred dimensions of a Mosque, a Hindu Temple, a Cathedral and a Synagogue are present throughout the natural world.

They give form to the human body and are considered to be the epitome of pleasant feelings and harmony. These hidden elements of form provide an underlying matrix for the Symbolic Jewelry in Zoein’s Fine Art Jewelry Gallery. – Shunyata

Apart from being mentored in sacred geometry and sacred architecture by Robert Lawlor and John Mitchell. Shunyata has also studied under the tutelage of the late Alain Danielou, who honored him with the title of Sri, for his work on an ancient linguistic code: the Mahasvara Sutra.

Besides being a multidisciplinary designer, Shunyata is also an author and poet who’s written books on subjects as varied as the philosophy of design, ancient tradition and one of his current works a book on pearls: Secrets of the Pearl: Gem of Love and Beauty.

Zoein Fine Art Jewelry—A Word from Shunyata

Each piece of symbolic fine art jewelry that I’ve created has a life of its own, a life that will endure much longer than I will. I’m touched that Zoein Jewels has become a part of the legacy, the living heritage of so many illustrious families. Designing symbolic jewelry and creating timeless works of art is a passion that was born with, the only credit I can take is how I use it. – Shunyata

Do you realize that adornment is a form of worship, of  bowing before the pure grace of beauty and love? Don’t you agree that Love, Grace and Beauty are qualities that the world could use quite a bit more of?

I can’t help but see the beauty in each and every person I meet, and it brings me great pleasure to enhance this beauty with fine art jewelry that drips with the power of symbolic resonance.

The repoussé gold-smithing crafted in the Zoein Jewels workshops  is some of the finest in the world. Repoussé is essentially a process where by Gold is shaped from back to front. First by hammering the back and then chasing the front to refine the details of the design. Repoussé takes years of training to learn and a life time to master.

Inspired Symbol Jewelry featuring a fine art jewelry bird brooch. Photo by Zoein Jewels designer ShunyataInspired Symbol Jewelry featuring a fine art jewelry bird brooch. Photo by Zoein Jewels designer Shunyata

The 22 karat gold Fire Opal Brooch to the right, is a good example of our repousse jewelry work. You can see that the golden bird with its bejeweled breast, is perched upon the branch of a golden tree.

The gemstone at the birds breast is a natural colored, 12.3 carat, Mexican Fire Opal. This piece took more than 528 hours to complete.

In the hustle and bustle  of our world today, its hard to fathom the amount of time that pours into the creation of these stunning specimens of symbolic fine art jewelry. The designing and hand crafting of each piece of  jewelry can literally take from hundreds to thousands of hours.

Once a piece is complete, the meaning behind the jewelry designs, the symbolic themes and traditional significance is then compiled into a heritage certificate.

Zoein Jewels — Fine Art Jewelry Online

Even though Zoein Jewels has been online since 2002 this website is undergoing a major redesign. You won’t find a shopping cart on this website, because each piece of Zoein fine art jewelry is one of a kind.

You see, Online fine art jewelry online is sort of a misnomer. You generally won’t even come across it in commercial jewelry stores and are more  likely to find it in museum displays.

If you think of fine art jewelry in the same way that you would other forms of art, it’s easier to understand that this form of jewelry design has an aesthetic value that doesn’t fluctuate with the markets or diminish over time.

Unique pieces of fine art jewelry are ideal for collecting because they’ll ultimately become a part of your heritage.

Even though Zoein Jewels can be surprisingly reasonable, you won’t find the prices listed here. We do not compete on price and some pieces can only be purchased by special order.

I’m regularly updating the Zoein Jewels website and it will grow over time. Hopefully, one day it will be like a piece of our fine art jewelry, something with extraordinary depth and beauty for you to thoroughly enjoy.