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Zoein Fine Art Jewelry - Fine Art Jewelry by Zoein Jewels
  • Photo of a model wearing a Gold and SIlver Crystal Tork Necklace for Her World Magazine
  • fashion jewelry gold necklace on model
  • Hand Made 22 Karat Gold Designer Necklace, Featuring the Golden Rice Harvest Necklace
  • Fine art jewelry inspired by nature is exemplified by this Australian Boulder Opal Turtle Necklace
  • handmade jewelry featuring 22 karat gold dragon bracelet
  • Golden Jeweled Serpent Necklace Design of Fine Art Jewelry
  • Mandarin Garnet Ring Fine Art Jewelry by Zoein Jewels


imagine a collection of fine art jewelry that excites your senses and delights your mind with visual tapestries?

Most people who are attracted to fine art jewelry have a refined sense of taste.

When you read about the heritage and significance of Zoein’s symbol encrusted jewelry, you might feel as if you’ve landed in a strange new world. As you explore the pieces you’ll begin to notice the subtle, less obvious beauty that’s generally obscured by the elegant allure of our fine art jewelry.

You see, Zoein Jewels is about more than fine art jewelry. Most jewelry companies just want to sell you jewelry and maybe make a fashion statement.

At Zoein these are the side effects.

Fine art jewelry is the precious media that we use to enliven mind born treasure, treasure that you and your family can cherish for generations to come.

Each piece has been meticulously designed to harmonize with the proportions of your body, and subliminally enrich the symbolic nature of your subconscious mind.


Wearing mindfully designed fine art jewelry inspires greater confidence, magnetism and accentuates your beauty.

Like gold crafting traditions of the ancients, Zoein creates art jewelry based on symbolic themes and the ‘great design’ of nature itself.

Symbolic jewelry has nearly disappeared from the contemporary marketplace. Each piece of Zoein’s fine art jewelry is enriched with the insight, meaning and power that is woven into the living web of life.

Carrying on the traditions of antiquity, Zoein Jewels creates through color, form and luster, fine art jewelry which like wisdom itself, resolves apparent contradiction to bring you closer to the mysterious beauty of which all things take part.

If you’ve heard of Sacred Geometry, than you probably realize that it’s the dynamic code that prompts the flowering of a plant, crystallizes into the molecular structure of gemstones and is behind the structural makeup of the human figure.

Even though it’s rarely apparent, Sacred Geometry underlies our symbolic jewelry designs. Through the awesome power of Sacred Geometry, Zoein fine art jewelry is able to support good health, trigger healing and inspire positive emotional patterns.

“WEARING jewels and gems to attract favorable chi (energy), ward off ills and improve your luck is a time honored tradition among all civilizations. In Chinese culture, this is best exemplified by feng shui, an ancient living skill formulated at least 5,000 years ago.” – Solitaire Magazine, Oct. 2007, Kee Hua Chee

It not important to get the most expensive jewelry, what’s important is that you feel good about the jewelry you get.

Adornment with Fine Art Jewelry

a-dore 1. to regard with the utmost esteem, love, respect and honor. 2. to pay divine honor. to; worship. adorn’ment— is the gift of appreciation, of honoring the attributes that are beautiful and admirable.

Throughout history people have worn fine art jewelry, to naturally exude more confidence, charisma and greater influence.

One moment of real admiration, of true adornment is an experience that you can cherish for the rest of our life. Flower petals may end up pressed in your diary, but a fine art jewelry necklace holds your fondest memories close to your heart.

In a world of trinkets and bling, most people seem to have forgotten that wearing fine art jewelry is a celebration of beauty , inner power and true adornment.

How do you feel your adorned, when you wear your favorite perfume or soak in a scented bath of rose petals? Are you ready to celebrate nature’s beauty and experience sensual and lasting adornment with fine art jewelry?

Gold Fine Art and Symbolic Jewelry

This may not be relevant to you but some people prefer to wear white gold jewelry. Believe it or not, this touches on something that’s more significant than personal taste.

There are several reasons that we generally don’t use white gold in fine art jewelry. When you think about it, isn’t white gold jewelry kind of a misnomer like saying golden silver? The popularity of white gold is the result of cleaver marketing tactics. Of course the gold guilds would like you to pay top dollar for gold that actually has very little gold content! Even though White gold is sold at top dollar prices, there’s not much real gold in it, fifty percent at most.

Most of our art jewelry are crafted in 22 carat gold. However,  you’ll also come across pieces that are  a combination of gold and silver along with other exotic materials like fossilized ivory.

In the same way that the human species represents the top of the evolutionary ladder, gold represents the highest peak of metallurgic development. To the alchemist gold is the noble king of precious metals and silver, its queen, represents the moon?

Fine gold jewelry is associated with the power of the sun, because the sun shines with a golden hue. Gold is pure and close to divinity, that which is good and honorable, because it resists the corruption of corrosion, remains untarnished and endures through the passage of time. Wouldn’t you agree that your most precious memories deserve to be preserved in gold?

“The French believe a woman’s life story is in her jewelry box. Every milestone, heartbreak, triumph, and great love, every sentimental and silly moment is represented there.” – Style Clinic, Paula Reed

Golds ability to withstand the onslaughts of time is similar to the meaning of Zoein. In ancient Greece, Zoein meant: ‘Life Divine’— the ‘Incorruptible’ part of the Soul that ‘Does Not Perish’.

“Individual lives (Bios) are strung on the golden cord of the soul (Zoë), like pearls on a string”. – Dionysos, Carl Kerenyi

Golden String of Pearls a simply elegant addition to any fine art jewelry collection

Now that you’ve read about the symbolic significants of gold, and found out what Zoein means, do you agree that it’s a fitting name for a company that creates fine art jewelry, symbol jewelry made of gold?

Unlike other jewelry designers who have developed one particular style, you’ll discover that the Zoein Jewelry Gallery is bursting with a bountiful variety of fine art jewelry. You’ll see that our styles range from very elaborate works of artistic creation, to simply elegant jewelry, like an exquisite strand of pearls, the Golden South Sea Pearls pictured to the right.

Each piece of Zoein Jewelry is named and comes with a heritage certificate, which is similar to the symbolic descriptions that you read in the gallery. When I began writing the Heritage Certificate for this strand of golden pearls I couldn’t stop. I was so taken by their beauty that they inspired me to write, “The Pearl Book of Love and Beauty”.

As you may image, you’re going to see a great deal of fine pearl jewelry in future collections. Even so, we will continue to use a wide range of gemstones: from precious gems like—rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires, opals, diamonds, south sea pearls and jade—to semi-precious gemstones and exotic specimens like—topaz, tourmaline, black coral, lapis lazuli, crystals.

Coupled with masterful craftsmanship and the finest materials, Zoein fine art jewelry blends substance with style. We even use hand carved fossilized ivory; ivory that’s thousands of years old and collected from the Alaskan glaciers during the summer thaw. The gemstones and materials play a vital role in our jewelry designs.

You know, we couldn’t make bread if the possibility wasn’t already present in the flour. A gemstone, fossil and as you’ve seen, gold itself has a unique ‘signature’ in nature. It is this prime innateness that we seek to capture in our fine art jewelry designs. When you start collecting Zoein Fine Art Jewelry you are making an investment, not just in the jewelry, but in your self.

Besides our fine art jewelry we also have a collection or rare collectables available, like the antique Keris and the Erotic Jade Linguam.