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Zoein Jewels Client Testimonials—Collectors of Zoein Fine Art Jewelry

Zoein Jewels Testimonials

Here’s a little of what our clients have to say about Zoein Jewels, Fine Art and Symbol Jewelry
Zoein Jewels Client: Desley Key—Bali Artworks Testimonial
Desley Key—Bali Artworks

Let me preface what I am about to say by stating that, according to the Chinese Zodiac, I am a Rabbit.  As such, I am supposed to love beautiful things and that is very true of me.

When it came to Shunyata’s jewelry creations, there was no question that I did not need them in my life.  My first purchases were a set of amber jewelry which represented the sun to me.

After some years of personal struggle, I wanted to let go of the sadness and embrace life once again.  So buying this piece of amber jewelry was symbolic to my sense of moving on and embracing my life once again – and what a lift they gave!

I got to try on some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry ever created and for a moment felt as beautiful as a queen.

The gold that he uses for zoein jewels is rich in colour – a perfect compliment to the stones chosen – and even now, it is hard to find that richness in collector pieces and fine art jewelry that are being created here in Bali.

For any woman trying them on, they were the the most flattering necklaces they would ever wear. The combination of stones (many of them carved rather than faceted) and the beading that was unique to each piece somehow, as if by magic, made every one of his necklaces sit at just the right place where one’s neck joined the collar bone.

I was often at Shunyata’s workshop when different women came to look at his collection and it was always fascinating to see how certain pieces “called” to the individuals.

The jewels had a power of their own that people were drawn to, depending upon their moment in time and their need.

Indeed, they called to me and now are my most treasured possessions – from the vision within the stones that only Shunyata could see to the total artistry of the craftsmen in his workshop that realized that vision, each piece is singular, beautiful, powerful and beauty-enhancing.

I often used to think that what I saw coming from Shunyata’s workshop was something akin to the ancient art of jewelry making, a time when jewelry was created to reflect the power and beauty of the wearer, quite beyond just the decorative.

So, as a woman and a lover of beauty, I realize that the pieces I own are beyond value.  Each one has its own voice and speaks to me.

Zoein Jewels Client: Harry Darsono—Haute Couture designer
Harry Darsono—Haute Couture designer


The Jewelry that Zoein Jewels creates are distinct and truly Haute Couture. They are made of the best quality materials and examples of extraordinary craftsmanship. His work is exclusive, lavishly presented and each piece is unique.

It is time for Shunyata to introduce his creations to those who really deserve to have Haute Bijoux. For he’s a gifted artist. When Shunyata creates a Zoein Jewel it’s contemporary and elegant with an ethnic dimension.

Zoein Jewels Client Testimonial of Flora Budiharto
Flora Budiharto

I bought the Diamond Arrow Ring from Zoein Jewels in the spring of 2002 and I adore it. Besides looking great on my hand I actually feel different when I wear it. In fact my life has taken a turn for the better since I bought it.
While I can’t say that the ring is the only factor involved in this positive transition. I can say that I feel confident, free of negativity and peaceful when I wear it. It is truly a special piece that I will always treasure.

Zoein Jewels Client—Princess Shahnaz Husain
Princess Shahnaz Husain

His great charm, brilliance and enigmatic presence has made meeting Shunyata an unforgettable experience. With Zoein Jewels Shunyata helps to move the world towards a greater appreciation of its natural beauty.

The inspiration and creative passion that transmits the blinding beauty of each exquisite piece of Zoein Jewelry will take your breath away. You feel the empowerment, devotion and love of the piece that picks you.

Shunyata is a true inspirational, passionate, spiritual designer of Jewels. Every Goddess should know him and have their own Zoein Jewels.