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Fine Art Necklaces and Jewelry by Zoein Jewels

Fine Art Necklaces by Zoein Jewels


s you’ll discover below, these  fine art jewelry necklaces are designed to adorn you in the rich tapestry of  natures most exquisite beauty. From the natural simplicity of a strand of Golden South Sea Pearls to the ornate richness of the Coral Dragon Necklace we offer something for everyone.

Inspired Symbol Jewelry featuring a jade fine art butterfly necklace. Photo by Zoein Jewels designer Shunyata

Jade Butterfly Necklace


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Were Fine Art Necklaces Always Fine?

Do you think that Necklaces from the earliest times were fine? The first necklaces in the world probably were far from what we’d call fine art necklaces today. Yet, in a time long before the invention of the written word, necklaces were the penultimate expression of personal power and adornment.

When you think about it, what do you figure was the first kind of jewelry ever to be worn? Was it rings, earrings or perhaps bracelets? Probably not!

It isn’t that hard to imagine that the first jewelry ever worn by mankind were necklaces. This is because it’s quite easy to suspend a shell, bone or piece of amber on a string and slip it over your head.

According to historians, the oldest necklaces were made during the stone age, some 40,000 years ago. They were rather rudimentary and like the Mountain Lion Necklace, these early pieces of symbolic jewelry often had strong magical associations that were treasured above all else.

Scull Necklace Tribal Example of a Fine Art Jewelry Necklace by Zoein

Scull Prayer Beads Tribal Collection

In fact, some of the first necklaces I created, like the scull prayer beads pictured to the right, or the Zoein tribal collection that has yet to be posted, are likely to be reminiscent of jewelry from this early era.

With advancements in the art of weaving, materials such as stone beads, feathers and semi-precious gems were woven into progressively refined artistic necklaces.

As time has progressed the range of materials favored by jewelers expanded. Mainly because of the discovery of precious metals and gemstones.

The art forms of metalwork greatly expanded the imaginations of jewelry designers and sophisticated examples of Fine Art Jewelry Necklaces began to emerge as early as 9000 years ago.

The Symbolism of Fine Art Necklaces

When we’re talking about the symbolic value of art necklaces we must consider all of its parts: the beads, center pieces, clasps and the other creative elements that make them unique.

Jewelry has been used throughout the centuries to symbolize many things. Symbol Jewelry Necklaces have been used to symbolize power, ethnicity, age, status, achievements and almost every other possible value that has been significant to wearers or artists.

As you get to know the fine art jewelry necklaces in this collection, you’ll see the symbology of ancient traditions reflected in their makeup. You’ll be introduced to works of wearable art showcasing all the symbolic elements in a way that captures the rich cultural history surrounding necklace design.

In modern times this tradition of wearing symbolic art jewelry continues. When you think about it there are many famous pieces of fine art jewelry necklaces like the ill-fortuned diamond necklace of Marie Antoinette’s that was said to cause the downfall of Napoleon’s France: or  the stunning emerald necklace of Queen Mary, the Durbar Necklace, which symbolized royal power and suzerainty.

However a fine art necklace doesn’t have to be famous to have symbolic value. Maybe you have a necklace that has a very special meaning for you. Perhaps the one you wore on your wedding night or one that was given to you from your mother, grandmother or someone very important in your life.

Fine art necklaces are often treasured as commemorative mementos and valued for generations.