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Golden Bamboo Necklace: Symbolic Fine Art Jewelry
22k Gold Bamboo Necklace: Symbolic Art Jewelry—Gold Bamboo

Golden Bamboo Necklace


he Gold Bamboo Necklace and Earring Set are hand carved in 22 karat gold. The Bamboo Necklace is strung with 37 carats of Yellow Sapphire beads, 46 carats of Emerald and 22k Gold beads. The colors of which bring to mind the lush hues of bamboo glades. The set took a total of 427 hours to complete.

Bamboo with its breeze inspired, swaying beauty, paints the landscape with emerald stalks and the golden-green hue of its leaves. Tranquil Bamboo groves were one of the Buddha’s favored meditation spots.

When strolling beneath a Bamboo canopy one feels enlivened by the oxygen enriched air and can almost sense the music that it inspires.

As a symbolic fine art jewelry, the Bamboo Necklace conjures up the ancient echoes of music. For it was the legendary Orpheus who fashioned a flute from  bamboo’s reed-like body, and shaman percussionists use it to evoke their trance inducing beat.

During an time when the environment is gravely threatened the Bamboo Necklace and Earring set are a tribute to the timely gifts that bamboo hides in its modest nature..

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Most people are astounded to find out that bamboo can grow up to four feet in the course of one day.

In the five year period it takes a quick growing tree to reach maturity, a single clump of bamboo produces more than two hundred poles. These extraordinary qualities suggest that bamboo can help re-green and revitalize the air.

Bamboo’s extensive root-like system of rhizomes carpets the earth, holding the soil’s nutrients in place. You probably don’t realize how strong bamboo is. With a tensile strength that withstands up to 52,000 pounds of pressure psi, bamboo is stronger than steel.

Besides roofing, scaffolding, temperate housing, furniture and awnings, we now have ‘ply bamboo’ and paper. Just by providing a sustainable alternative to plywood, Bamboo has saved hundreds of thousands of acres of forest. It is definitely a genus from which the stuff of miracles arise.

Along with its flexibility and strength Bamboo represents longevity and “the perfect man who bows before the storm but rises again.”

Bamboo has been described as a scholarly gentleman “who is upright in bearing but has an inner emptiness and humility.” Cirlot’s Dictionary of Symbols

As you enjoy wearing the bamboo necklace and earring set, your also representing the venerable Spirit of Bamboo. Through sympathetic resonance the rich and delightful qualities of bamboo are called to the fore front of your life. You may notice greater flexibility and emotional resilience.

The Golden Bamboo Necklace and Earring Set inspires an awakening of mindful delight.