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Golden Snake Bracelet - Serpent Symbol Jewelry
Fine Art Jewelry featuring a Gold and Ruby Serpent Bracelet. Photo by Zoein Jewels designer Shunyata

Gold Serpent Bracelet

he Gold Serpent Bracelet is crafted with 24 karat gold granulation and filigree wire. Each granulated ball of pure gold was meticulously put in place and positioned by hand. It took 347 hour to complete this extraordinary work of fine art jewelry.

The 3 carat Burmese Ruby is set in the serpents crown. It represents a serpents exalted attributes, like the power to heal. The ancient Greek god of Medicine and Healing, (Aesculapius/Ascelepius), carries a wand with a Serpent wrapped around it. This indicates his magical powers is why the serpent staff of Ascepius has become the symbol of medicine.

The single serpent staff also appears on a Sumerian vase of c. 2000 B.C. representing the healing god Ningishita, the prototype of the Greek Asklepios. – Wikipedia

A Serpents venom is fatal to its prey also saves lives. LIke many vaccines, you probably aware that the antidote of snake bites is made from it’s toxic venom.

Of course we have all heard that a Serpent sheds its skin, but did you know that most Serpents shed their skin four to eight times a year? The shedding process suggests Death and Rebirth as well as Sickness and Rejuvenation.

Serpents have inspired jewelry for thousands of years! The Gold Serpent Bracelet is reminiscent of similar bracelets crafted in Old Europe by the Celtic peoples, in Ancient Egypt as well as in Greece and Rome.

What only a few people realize, is that throughout the prehistoric world, Serpents were revered and respected like gods. They held a venerable place in the ecstatic festivals that characterized the first religious inklings of mankind.

In one way or another, Serpents play a vital role in the religious traditions of our world today. Did you know, that serpents are either portrayed as the ultimate force of salvation and wisdom, or as devilish emissaries of death, ignorance and deception, and sometimes as both?

In mythology and in folklore throughout the world, the universe is envisioned as a Gigantic Cosmic Serpent? The Cosmic Serpent is the magical being that stretches through and around the cosmos, like a great rainbow linking different dimensions of time and space.

As alluded to in the Gold Serpent Bracelet, legends tell us that the Cosmic Serpent wears a brilliant crown of jewels as he watches over his stellar cache of magical treasure.

Our serpentine nervous system and spinal column, the ocean’s sinuous currents, winding rivers and the spiraling cycles of time are all indicative of the majestical Serpent. You can probably understand how the serpent has inspired the long and venerable tradition of symbol jewelry, that the Gold Serpent Bracelet takes part in.