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Gold Mermaid Brooch — Symbolic Fine art Jewelry
Inspired Symbol Jewelry featuring a fine art gold jewelry mermaid brooch Photo by Zoein Jewels designer Shunyata

Golden Mermaid Brooch

The Golden Mermaid Brooch is infused with the epics of mythical eons, the mysterious realms where legends live. The Mermaids body is hand crafted in 22 karat gold, and encircles a glittering, baby blue chrysocolla gem. The Mermaid brooch can also be worn as a pendant. It took 187 hour to complete this piece of hand made art jewelry.

The Mermaid of the Sea is the patroness of the ultimate mystery. Her silky waves of imagination form opalescent layers of realization. The watery maidens dissolve away, all hinderance and decay. Their charm is two fold, it is rapturous, full of mirth and bliss, with their lips they capture mortal men with a song and kiss. – Shunyata

The Mermaid Brooch is related to the Water Nymphs who were known in times of old, as the Undines, Nereids, Asparasas and Dakinis. From liquid ether castles and coral caves, they hold sway over the waters, from the cosmic milky way to the trickles of a hidden spring.

It is the ‘Elemental Nymph’ however who sustains the vital essence, the fluid life in plant, animal and man. Each pond, lake, stream, ocean or well has its own Nymph or misty Mermaid. With clear waters they nourish and cleanse. Yet, you must be cautious of the stagnant waters of an evil nymph who hides murky poison beneath a thick fog of enchantment.

The Mermaid Brooch is symbol jewel of immortal love. The Mermaids so loved mortal men that they occasionly married them. One such memory is known in China as ‘Liu Yi and the Dragon King’. Even though the story is rather long, I’ve recounted the jest of it for you.

As the story is recounted: young Liu Yi was on his way home when he came across a very beautiful damsel who looked in despair. Liu Yi asked if she needed assistance. With tears in her eyes she exclaimed:

“I am a most unfortunate woman. I am the youngest daughter of the king of the Lake Dongting and my parents married me to the son of the River Jing, who is an entirely worthless man and neglects me entirely. But I cannot complain to my parents-in-law, as they love and admire my husband.

Shedding more tears she continued her story. ‘I know my father would help me, but I cannot tell him of my unhappiness as Lake Dongting is so far away. Could I entrust you to deliver a secret message to him?

Liu replied, I would certainly do anything to serve you but I am a land bound mortal. How could I ever reach your father in the Depths of Lake Dongting?

“That will be easy if you are heart is willing, on the northern bank of the lake there is a large tangerine tree, which the local people know to be sacred. When you reach it, tie your belt to the tree and knock three times…With this the young woman handed Liu a letter.” – Dragons Gods & Spirits from Chinese Mythology’, Sanders & Pau

The young Liu followed the maiden’s instructions and after his three knocks upon the tree truck, a man greeted him.

“Liu said firmly, ‘I wish to see your king’. The man parted the waves and led Liu into the lake. ‘You must close your eyes for a few minutes’, said the man. Liu did so, and when he opened his eyes again, he found that he was inside the dragon king’s palace. There were luxurious halls and high towers with many doors, surrounded by wonderful trees and plants. He saw that everything was covered in pearls and precious stones.” (Ibid)

The Dragon King appeared and greeted him courteously: “Our dwelling is deep and difficult to reach. What business causes you to brave the journey? Liu told the king about the young woman and handed him the letter.” The king was aggrieved and covered his weeping face. When he regained composure he said: “You sir, are a stranger, but you have helped my daughter when I did not. I shall never forget your kindness.”

All the commotion woke Chiantang King Dongting’s younger brother. “Just as the king had finished speaking there was an enormous roar as if the whole world was being torn apart, the palace shook and a huge red dragon rushed through the hall to the accompaniment of thunder, lightning, sleet and hail.

In another flash he was gone again, and Liu threw himself to the floor in terror. The dragon king helped him to his feet. ‘There is no reason for you to be afraid, he wont harm you.’” (Ibid) The king went on to explain that Chiantang must have overheard their conversation and set out to rescue his daughter. He persuaded Liu to stay. The king “ordered wine and he and Liu talked about life in the mortal world.

A short while later a gentle breeze blew through the hall and the sound of chimes and flutes were heard. A group of women came in smiling and talking amongst themselves, and Liu saw that the last one in the group was the most beautiful and had the most regal garments. As she approached, he realized that it was the young woman that had given him the letter. ‘Ah there is the prisoner of River Jing,’ said the dragon king, embracing the young woman fondly.

The next day a feast was held and soon Liu’s head was swimming from the most delicious wine and intoxicated with the most marvelous music. Then the dragon king gave him gifts of pearls and other precious stones, all presented in jade coffers. Chiantang had taken a great liking to Liu and on the following day he also held a feast in his honor.

Chiangtang drank cup after cup of wine and finally he came towering over Liu and said to him, ‘Lord Dongting’s daughter is a gentle, tender girl who had the misfortune to fall amongst ruffians. But now that is all past and I would like to give her to you so that we can be linked forever by marriage.

She is aware of her debt to you and you are in love with her, so this is the perfect solution… Liu felt small and helpless beside this mighty and impetuous dragon who had had too much wine. What would he say when he was sober again?” So he dissuaded him from his idea of marriage.

Liu left the Dragon Palace and returned to his village as a wealthy man. He married yet soon after the wedding his wife died. He married again and his second wife likewise died. “Then he married a girl from one of the most notable families in the land. As the months passed he came to think his wife resembled more and more the dragon king’s daughter, whom he had not been able to forget.

After she had borne him a son, his wife admitted that indeed she was the dragon king’s daughter, explaining that she had been very sad when he refused her uncle’s offer…The couple frequently visited the Dragon Palace and “people noticed that although he grew old in years, Liu never appeared to age. Finally he and his family went to live in the palace forever, and very occasionally he was seen to make an appearance above the waves” (ibid)

As this story suggests, in legend Mermaids (the Dragons Daughter) not only appear as half human and half fish but can also take on human form. May the Mermaid Brooch help you find the ultimate fulfillment with your own true love.