Golden Topaz Flower—Ring-Fine Art Jewelry

Golden Topaz Flower Ring

he Golden Topaz Flower Ring features a stylistically faceted Golden Champagne Topaz Gemstone. This 16 carat gem is in-framed in a 22 karat gold setting that took 317 hours to handcraft.

The flowering petals of the golden setting coalesce with the facets of the gem, which greatly enhances the sparkling play of  light.

Golden Topaz is a special gem that has been a venerated for thousands of years. For the ancient Egyptians, Topaz was believed to have been colored by the golden rays of the sun god Ra, the most important deity of their pantheon.

Now this may seem to be extremely fanciful to us today. However, this rather quant sounding idea may not be so far fetched when you consider that according to Nuclear Science the elements in the periodic table were created by stars.

With the exception of hydrogen and helium that are thought to have originated with the big bang, the elements that compose our bodies, the earth and her gemstones are actually the remains of fallen stars.

Gemstones are really like sparkling earth born stars.

Symbology of the Golden Topaz Flower Ring

The Golden Topaz Flower Ring emphasizes celestial connectivity in another way as well. As you know a flower does indeed draw the power of the sun down to earth. Photon by photon a flower turns sunlight into organic life.

What is obvious to the trained eye may go unnoticed by everyone else. You see the design of  the Golden Topaz Flower Ring,  is actually a geometric cypher, a cypher representing the convergence of heaven and earth.

If you’re familiar with the language of symbolism then you know that the circle represents the heavens and the square, the earth,

The circular face of the golden topaz sits within the terrestrial square of it’s 22k gold setting.

The ‘squaring of the circle’ is the symbol of resolving the unresolvable, of realizing the unrealizable and of making the impossible possible.

The circle is a symbol of the heavens and the irrational nature of the omniscient principle. While the circle is extraterrestrial, the square is very solidly terrestrial. Being symbolic of the created sphere it represents the solidification of the original unity in the four directions of space.

Golden Topaz Flower Ring Circle Squared DiagramThe square’s highly rational composition, wherein four equal lines are joined at right angles and based on perfect symmetry, makes it the circle’s complimentary opposite.

There are actually four manners in which a a circle can be squared. Golden Topaz Flower Ring features a circle held within a square. As you can see in the diagram to the right, the diameter of the circle held within the square, is equal to the side of the square.

This suggests that the body’s organic frame houses the inner jewel of divine spirit; that the whole cosmos incarnates individually in and through all created things. It represents the journey into the depths of one’s being and the spiritual center finding perfect expression in manifestation.

The design of this ring suggests a perfect union between Heaven and Earth. The topaz gemstone represents the circle of the heavens, the great magic of the cosmos. It appears to be rising out of a golden flower, whose petals are like the waves of creation flowing outward from the center.

The golden setting of the Golden Topaz Flower Ring represents the earthly throne upon which the highest spirit is enlivened.