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Golden Yantra Necklace — Spiritual Fine Art Jewelry
The Golden Yantra Necklace is sacred symbolic fine art jewelry based on the Sri Yantra

Golden Yantra Necklace

he Golden Yantra Necklace was originally called the Sri Arrow Garland. This is because it’s composed of 22 karat gold arrow like shapes. These abstractly styled arrows gradually increase in size until reaching the triangular center piece.

“The syllable AUM is the bow; the atman (self) is indeed the arrow: Brahman (ultimate reality) is its target: Carefully should it be pierced” – Mundaka Upanishad 2.2.4

Each golden arrow was carefully made by hand and joined together by tiny  hinges. This is what adds flexibility to the Golden Yantra Necklace and why it comfortably hugs the neck like a piece of fabric. It 1287 hours to hand craft this necklace in the Zoein Jewels workshop.

While the arrow motif is clearly apparent in the the Golden Yantra Necklace, it’s nearly impossible to tell that this design is intimately related to the Sri Yantra. The shape of the golden arrows was inspired by my contemplations and the extensive work that I’ve done on the Sri Yantra.

Golden Yantra Necklace was inspired by the sacred symbol of the Sri Yantra However, I may be getting ahead of myself because you may not know what the Sir Yantra is. You can see a traditional image of the Sri Yantra pictured to the right.  A yantra is similar to a mandala, both of which are sacred symbols of power. In fact, the brains of your computer, it’s chip, could also be considered a yantra.

A yantra calls forth the elements and potentialities that define and constitute the ordinal sequence in both the formation of concept and phenomenon.

In the analogical structures of mandalas, yantras, cathedrals, temples, renaissance art, and in technological blueprints, many shapes (possibilities) are formed and principles enlivened.

Yantras express the manner of consciousness that resides behind the veneer of nature. They are ideo-graphic thought forms, hieroglyphic analogues. Their breadth of meaning is measured through careful concentration and realized through a ritual of activation.

The Sri Yantra is arguably the most powerful yantra in the world. It’s symbolic ‘signature’ is a universal language, a paradigm, a law and an epic. In its sanctuary, resides the golden legacy of all created potentialities.

It is the great morphogenetic sea that encompasses the possibility and expression of each and every form of life. In Greek, ‘Morphe’ translates as ‘form’ and ‘Genesis’ as ‘coming into being’—Morphic genesis is thus the formation of Being. – The Temple of Paradise, Shunyata

This image shows how the arrow motif that you see in the Golden Yantra necklace is actually based upon the Sri YantraThe arrow shape that you see in the Golden Yantra Necklace is derived from the determinants made apparent by the triangular arrangement within the Sri Yantra. Even so, they aren’t obvious in the Sri Yantra. The diagram to the right shows how the arrows are charted upon an undefined and undetermined commingling of coordinate points within the Sri Yantra.

Like a revelation of mind and body, it is a hidden potentiality that springs forth as a golden flash of good fortune. Arising from the dark, mysterious space beyond, it illuminates the mind with wisdom divine.

Arrows of light shoot across the measure of space, propelled by the illustrious stars. They are like the mind which rides upon arrows of the senses into the space and time of experience.

The illustrated design of the Golden Yantra Necklace

The Golden Yantra Necklace Design