Jade Dragon Ring

Jade Dragon Ring

inspiration for the Jade Dragon Ring arose some 37 hundred years ago in the land of Ancient Egypt. If you’ve looked through the fine art jewelry bracelet gallery, you may recall seeing an astonishing set of golden geese bracelets, and this is where the inspiration was gleaned.

During the era of  Ramses II and his wife Nefertiti, artistic expression flourished and fine art jewelry evolved to unprecedented levels of design and craftsmanship.

It was in the spirit of this rarefied level of goldsmithing that the Jade Dragon Ring was made. Even so, many of you maybe be wondering how in the world a set of golden geese bracelets could inspire a dragon ring!

Besides the symbolic subject matter, there are certainly some stark differences between the two designs. However, when you look closely, you can see that the over all shape, composition and even the ornamentation of the Jade Dragon Ring have many points of similarity with the golden geese bracelets of Ramses.

 Symbolic Jewelry and the Jade Dragon Ring

ou’ll come across many variations of the dragon motif in our gallery of fine art jewelry. Like the Red Coral Dragon Necklace and marching bracelet. The dragon seems to capture the imagination more than any other mythical creature. They play perennial roles in the genre of fantasy, from Tolkien to the Game of Thrones, we meet dragons in their various guises.

Ancient Egyptian Example of Fine Art BraceletsKeeping with their enigmatic and mysterious nature, dragons can’t be pinned down one way or another. They’re at times pictured as the ultimate force of destruction, hell bent on destroying the hero, and at other times, they’re the saving grace that comes just in the nick of time to save the day.

This is one reason the dragon is such a popular character in literary works, and an intriguing subject to render in fine art jewelry, paintings and sculpture.

Yet more striking is the fact that the dragon doesn’t just stay lay on the pages of fantasy. No, the dragon dances between the chasm of the real and unreal realm. Its s heritage stretches back to the very dawn of time, thousands of years before the birth of our popular religions today.

Although originally envisioned as a benefactor of man, as the Aeons turned and a black and white, colorless conception crept into the mind of humanity — Dragons became most feared. For it is they who represent not only the forgotten, unknown past, but also the unruly and chaotic forces of nature, that refuse human domination.

As contemporary religions dawned, they turned the Dragon into an utterly evil figure — whose presence, ironically, was necessitated by their own ‘splitist’ and dualistic conceptions.

Jade Dragon Ring Among the 9 Dragons of China

Unlike western traditions, in China and the far east, Dragons continue to represent celestial suzerainty and the forces of heaven and earth.

There is a great variety of dragons represented in fine art because much is left up to the imagination of the artist. However, the Chinese tradition identifies with several distinct kinds of Dragons. Each type of dragon has its own characteristics and legendary designation.

The Azure Dragon-(T’ien lung) is the vital spirit of celestial power. It is the great rainbow ‘serpent’, whose body is the multicolored spectrum of waves, that stretches through and around the universe, like the threads in a blanket.

The Fu-Tsang Dragon is the guardian of hidden treasure both of mind and body.

The Imperial Dragon Lung, controls the rain and is identified with the eastern sun.

The Common Dragon Mang represents the cyclic power of change.

The Dragon Li, lives in the sea and holds the power of sagacity.

The Dragon Chiao, lives in the mountains and is known as the great orator, the statesman.

There are also four Dragon Kings, who besides ruling the four seas (directions, whose center is the earth), also preside over the Young Clouds, Noble Wind, Thunder, Mother-Lightning and Master Rain.

The association of Dragons with flowing water, wells and meteorological phenomena, is a characteristic that pervades the ancient world.

The correlation between waterways and the weather, shows great foresight and understanding — modern meteorology has only in the last century discovered that the ocean’s dragon-like currents are the driving force behind much of the world’s weather patterns.

The Dragon represents longevity and protection as well as the exciting fierceness of existence itself. Let the Dragon helpers build a castle in your field of dreams. Its treasures will pour into your life like a cloud into a sea.