Fine Art Jewelry featuring a Red Coral and Gold Dragon Bracelet

Coral Dragon Bracelet

his Golden Dragon Bracelet is not only a fashion statement that gets noticed, it’s also an exquisite example of symbol jewelry. Symbolically it represents the convergence of the Dragon and Fire. This is because red coral could be seen as the fire beneath the sea, while gold itself is symbolic of solar fire.

The red coral set in the midriff of this Dragon Bracelet has long been known for its remarkable healing qualities. More specifically Red Coral is traditionally used to neutralize negativity and to even fight off the painful debilitating effects of arthritis.

This Dragon Bracelet is part of a fine art jewelry set that includes a matching Fire Dragon Necklace. You’ll come across quite a few  pieces in the collection that have been inspired by the Dragon. This is because of the dragons long legacy of symbolic associations.

Whose to say if Dragons ever existed? After all not that long ago Dinosaurs were also thought to be imaginary monsters, the stuff of fairy tales and legend. One thing that you can be sure of is that Dragons have played a vital role in the rich and varied traditions of China.

For millennia, Chinese people have attributed symbolic significance to Dragons as well as other creatures like the phoenix. The Golden Dragon Bracelet carries on an age old tradition of fine art jewelry. Artist in the far east are well aware of the power of these symbols, and have long enlivened them in their works of art.

Across the Indonesian archipelago snakes and dragons are also age old artistic themes. They are generally referred to by the Sanskrit name ‘Naga’. In Indonesia, the Naga of India found fertile ground and thematically interbred with the Chinese Dragon.

The Dragon embodies the virility of nature, the chi-force that runs through our bodies, the Earth, and animates the Heavens. It is the nobility of spirit that has come to symbolize sovereignty. The Dragon represents longevity and protection as well as the exciting fierceness of existence itself.

Awakening the dragon within enlivens wisdom and prompts psychic insight, diverts illness and by stimulating archaic memories helps in the mastery over pathological weakness.

Wearing inspired jewelry, symbol jewelry like the Dragon Bracelet, tunes you into it’s legacy through time and is even thought to bring Dragon like traits to the for front of your life.