The Pearl Book of Love & Beauty

The Pearl Book — Cover of Secrets of the Pearl: Gem of Love and Beauty


he Pearl Book of Love and Beauty is not only for pearl lovers, but for the lovers of life and mindful living.

Even though I’m a fine art jewelry designer this isn’t really about pearl jewelry, that will come  later. The Pearl Book of love and Beauty offers a fresh and exciting perspective on pearls. In fact, the astonishing secrets that it reveals is likely to draw you into a world of  luminous beauty, revelation and personal enhancement.

I’m in love with pearls, and if your like me this book will touch your heart, inspire your imagination and reveal the many mysterious ways that pearls can help you improve your life, love and relationships.

Pearls decorated the courts of Ancient Egypt and have inspired myths and legends that have helped shape the course of history. The ancients knew the true value of pearls.  It may come as a surprise, but during the reign of the Roman Empire, a single pearl earring paid for an entire army. A strand of pearls is still a symbol of status, affluence and elegance. Don’t you think that their is a reason for this; one that may not be as obvious as it seems?

This could be the most important book on pearls that you’ll ever read, because it’s not just about pearls, it’s about you, about over coming challenges and transforming your life into a living gem.

Pearls are natures way of showing us how to transform problems into opportunities.
You  might be surprised to know, that even though there’s a lot of Pearl Books only a few of them are actually about pearls, like John Steinbeck’s famous novel, The Pearl.

This is the first book that seamlessly blends the rich legacy of pearls with the spiritual dimension of the gem and the metaphoric insights it offers us.

This book is a fusion of the past and present that holds a visionary seed towards the future.

In the Pearl Book of Love and Beauty:

  • You’ll be taken on a romantic journey through the history and legends of Pearls.
  • You’ll discover why the pearl is the sensual gem of femininity.
  • You’ll learn about a pearl beauty ritual that was reserved for the royalty of the far east.
  • You’ll find how pearls can  be used to help you stop the effects of aging and support healthy longevity.
  • You’ll learn the secrets behind successful (well rounded) relationships from the Pearl.

The Pearl Book of Love and Beauty will be available by the end of 2012. Sign up now to be eligible for one of the 1oo free first editions ebooks.