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Zoein Jewels—Fine Art Jewelry, Symbol Jewelry in the Press

Zoein Jewels in the Press

he original and extensively documented approach that Zoein Jewels takes to the fine art of jewelry, to the symbol jewelry that it specializes in, has made it a favorite of the press and media.

Zoein Jewels have been exhibited in the National Museum of Malaysia and debuted in Oliver Stone’s film, the “New Age”. Zoein Jewels were also showcased on both CNBC’s “Over Asia” and CNN’s “Inside Asia”.

Zoein Jewels—Press Clippings

Space Magazine – Singapore

“Sacred Geometry is the foundation of their jewelry designs and symbols are drawn from all the different traditions the world has to offer. Each precious piece endeavors to express three symbolic levels—the common, the educated and the spiritual—with careful selection of each stone to reflect meaning and value…

The design and creative process is not a brief one. Each conscientious step reflects a careful and significant thought process. According to Shunyata “Every moment is inspired by the wealth, rhythm and miraculous spectrum of creation.”

—Space Magazine April 2001 by Yvonne Seow

Bali’s Charismatic WIld Child – Yak Magazine

I just met a real live prism! His name? Shunyata, and he is what I describe as a master jeweller, enfant terrible, philosopher, writer and photographer; Bali’s charismatic wild child. Our conversation, just like a prism, started on a single topic and then circled around a kaleidoscope of themes to return once more to what I was actually there to talk about, Zoein Jewels.

Our conversation flits between the esoteric, the tetric, the spiritual and the Philosophical. Is Zoein Jewels an evolution or a revolution I ask?

‘Every revolution is an evolution but only if it has enough intelligence behind it,’ was the answer; ‘I hope to make a revolution in design, art today needs a revolution’. – Shunyata

And as to why he believes he is he here? His is a global quest of beautification, a servant whose jewellry is his offering.

Yak Magazine November/December 2005—Sophie Digby

Sunday Morning Post – Hong Kong

“The pieces are indeed, exquisite, produced using carving and granulation techniques from ancient Egypt, India and Greece…Lustrous 22-carat carved gold necklaces, bracelets and rings range from simple South Sea pearls with diamonds to a torc necklace made of solid emerald crystal to brilliant aquamarines and imperial topaz with hand carved golden settings featuring dragons, rice shots and lion claws”

—Sunday Morning Post Hong Kong May 14 2000 by Sharon Leece

B International Magazine

“When is a piece of jewelry more than a piece of jewelry? Perhaps when it is made by Zoein Jewels, a small reclusive design company. Since its beginnings, almost 15 years ago Zoein Jewels has built an international reputation for its distinctive one-of-a-kind works that draw from a variety of sources, from ancient Greek and Egyptian to traditional Indian and Balinese cultures.

A process that Zoein hopes will lend each piece—particularly its jewelry —a presence that surpasses mere ornamentation and instead suggests elemental and creative processes of the kind that in the past, imbued such work with a mystical even religious significance”

B International Magazine July 2000 by John Millichap

Natures Perfection – Peak Magazine Indonesia

An encounter with Shunyata drives one to ponder the bigger questions in life. This artist, jewelry designer and former fashion model has all the creative energies, wit and depth that make him an interesting human specimen. – Peak Magazine Indonesia August 2003—Indu Bandara

The Art of Synergy

“Ever set your eyes on something so lovely, so beautiful and so exquisite that it literally took your breath away? And when you laid your hands on it, you felt a strange glow of warmth in your heart that this item was meant to be yours, and yours alone? Believe it or not, I went through this whirl of emotions when I donned on a ruby apple heart pendant and matching bracelet.” – The Art of Synergy by Janalin Tan & Alfred Tan

The Wish- list… HEIRLOOMS from Zoein Jewelry

“When I create a piece of jewelry my imagination takes a journey into the future lives it will touch. The pieces have their own destiny. As they travel through the generations, from one life to the next, they are enriched by the memories they hold. Only if they could speak their story through time!” “I like working with jewels and the written word because they both endure, to spread feeling and beauty through countless generations. Gilgamesh still inspires me today, even though it was written seven thousand years ago.” – Lux Magazine

The fine art jewelry of Zoein Jewels have appeared in : USA’s Town and Country and Interview magazines: Hong Kong’s Harper’s Bazaar, Eve and Be magazines as well as the “Sunday Morning Post”; Singapore’s Tatler, Peak, East and Solitare magazines; Indonesia’s Dewi, Her World, Jewelry, Island Life, Sartika, Tamasya, the Jakarta Tatler, Peak and Female magazines.

Zoein Jewels have exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Delhi, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney and Bali.